September 15, 2010

3D Is Confirmed As Optional

     From talking to friends I know personally, people online, and reading other websites, I see that people are scared that 3D Televisions are going to be made mandatory for PS3 use.  People are also worried that they are going to miss out on some of their favorite up coming titles because 3D is mandatory.
     Good News: Those rumors are FALSE.  I figured because everyone was too lazy to ask Sony's very reliable support through email.  Honestly, they answer every question I throw at them, which is a lot.  This was no exception as I got a detailed response.  Let's look at the Playstation Consumer Services reply.  For privacy reasons I am not going to post the email word for word, and I will not include the name of the replier.

"Thank you for writing to ask about your concerns for 3D being required to play some games. At this time the option for 3D is only a possibility for the games that have it available, not required. There are also many Users who still use standard HD televisions and non HD displays as well. It would not be fair if everyone is not able to enjoy the same game regardless of their TV's definition."
     The good thing is that they thought of the people that don't have 3D or even HD televisions.  It shows that they care about their customers.  However, this could change in the future, especially if a new console arrives.  So don't worry you butts about not playing your PS3 because you don't have a 3D display.  It will take a while before they make any major decision like that.

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