September 17, 2010

Get Your Move on: The Playstation Move Buyers Guide

The PS3 Playstation Move Bundle
     The Playstation Move just launched, September 17, 2010.  From having some time to look over products and bundles I have decided to post this little buyers guide for anyone interested in the Playstation Move.

The Minimum
     To use the Playstation Move you will need:
  • One (1) Move Remote
  • The PS Eye Camera
  • A TV
  • And a Playstation 3 system
  • A game wouldn't hurt
The PS Eye has been out for quite some time.  If you alrea
 dy have it, and you don't want Sports Champions, then you might want to get the Move remote separate for only $49.99 USD.

I Got My PS3...Now What?
       If you already have a PS3, but none of the Move accessories, then you might want to consider the Sports Champions Bundle.  It's only $99.99 USD.  It gives you everything you need to get started (everything in the Minimum section).  You also save about $30 with this deal (compared to buying everything separate).

I Got Notta...

     If you have no Move remotes, PS Eye, or PS3 system, there is still a great bundle out there made just for you.  You can get a 320GB PS3, and all the Minimum requirements for the PS Move.  This deal also saves you money.  It's the best deal if you do not have a PS3 system yet.

     There are tons of options within what to buy, and how much.  Some games can use two (2) Move remotes, but all games (so far) can be used with only one.  For example, Sports Champions offers gladiator fights along with archery.  They both can use two (2) move remotes, but one (1) still works and is still enjoyable.
     Then there is the navigation remote.  The navigation remote is 100% optional as long as you have a PS3 controller.  You can hold the PS3 controller in your left hand and use it as a navigation remote.  All the buttons, the trigger, and the analog stick are available to you.  The navigation remote costs $29.99 USD, but why buy one while you have your normal remote.

With all this in mind, choose wisely.  The Playstation Move is one great thing, and should not be passed up.

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