September 18, 2010

Sports Champions Review

Quick Info

Overall Rating: 8.5

ESRB: T for Teen

Genre: Sports (multiple sports)

Sports Champions Is No Loser...

     For quite a while now, Sports Champions has grown with anticipation along with the Playstation Move.  Now that it's out, and I got some game-play on it I feel that it deserves a proper review.  Keep in mind that this game is only compatible with the Playstation Move remote.

What To Choose
     Sports Champions comes packed with six sports to choose from.  They are: Disc Golf, Beach Volleyball, Archery, Table Tennis, Gladiator Dueling, and Bocce.  This sports game features some unique choices that I haven't seen in a game like this.  For example, Disc Golf and Bocce were odd choices.  Everyone likes something different, and if one sport doesn't catch your fancy then move on to the next one.

Disc Golf     
     First, let's talk about Disc Golf in Sports Champions.  At first I was skeptical, but now I am really liking this sport.  Think golf with a Frisbee, and instead of a hole in the ground you have a basket.  The score system is like golf, and there are also pars, birdies, and bogies.  You can have up to 4 players also, so this is great for party fun.  Disc Golf doesn't sound all that exciting, but give it a try and you might get hooked.  Only one remote allowed.

Gladiator Duels
     This was my most anticipated sport of the game.  You are in an arena with one opponent at a time, and fight to the death.  You can win by defeating your opponent in two rounds (best 2 out of 3), or you can ring the opponent out by knocking them off the edge.  This game allowes you to use two Move remotes if you like, but it's not required.  One is used for the shield while the other is for the sword.  If you only have one Move remote then the trigger (T button) will let you toggle between the shield and sword.

     This was another highly anticipated sport for me.  With two players at a time you duel by hitting a variety of targets including: pots, fruit, and regular targets.  There are also different game modes like archery tic-tac-toe and other fun challenges.  If you have two Move remotes then you will feel like you are actually holding the bow and arrow.  One remote is used to aim, and the other is used to for grabbing and letting go of arrows.  If you only have one Move remote then you grab your arrow, then aim with the same remote.

     First I want to explain the game for those who don't know what it is.  The game starts with someone throwing a small ball, called a pallino.  The object of the game is to get your bocce balls (you have 4) as close to the pallino as possible.  You are allowed to hit the pallino or your opponents bocce balls if you wish.  This is another game that sounds boring, but is a lot more fun when you actually play it.  You only use one Move remote for this game.

Beach Volleyball
     Very simple if you have ever played volleyball.  It's always two on two.  You use the Move remotes to set, bump, and set the volleyball with you partner until you win.  You can use one or two Move remotes.  Two allows you to feel like you are setting the ball and bumping the ball properly.  With one remote you do the same exact actions, but you only do it with one hand.

Table Tennis
     Table tennis is also ping-pong if you didn't know.  Each player wields a small paddle and you smack the small ball back and forth keeping it on the table and get points when your opponent misses or messes up.  This is by far my favorite sport of the game.  You only need one remote to play and there can be two players at a time.

     In each sport there are three modes.  Champion Cup, Challenge, and Multiplayer.  Champion Cup offers a bronze, silver, and gold cup mode.  You play against all the other players in the game in each cup and they get harder as you go on.  Challenge mode is unique to all the sports.  In the middle of one of the cups you will experience a challenge stage.  This challenge stage is the same as challenge mode except you have 3 stages of it.  Multiplayer is playing with more than yourself in a sport.  Sadly there is no online play.

Become A Champion
     I highly recommend Sports Champions.  All you need is a disc, PS Eye, and one Move remote.  You can read the Playstation Move Buyers Guide for more options.  With six sports to choose from, this game is worth it even if you like two or three.  For example, I like Table Tennis, Disc Golf, and Gladiator dueling.  I am not the biggest fan of Beach Volleyball, or Bocce.  Either way the game is a lot of fun.  Go pick up your copy today for $39.99 USD.

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Sports Champions Scores
PlotN/AThe game features no plot. However, this will not effect the scoring for obvious reasons.
Graphics7.5Just like any family game, but not too bad.
Controls9.5The Move proves it’s worthy for this game.
Replay Value10You can play this solo, or with friends. It won’t get old!

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